Other hobbies.

I’ve been absent from the internets for awhile, not because I haven’t been diving, though I will admit, I’ve slowed down a bit from my earlier race to the finish. My planned date for taking the IE has been pushed back until November, mostly due to some financial issues on my part. I will get there, just not at light speed.

On top of this, I’ve been working on many other projects and things outside of my scuba world (including someday getting my actual website up and running). Two weekends ago was the culmination of a project that had been keeping me up late at night, toiling over boiling toilet paper, as I attempted to create mask for this years Labryinth of Jareth.

My goal was a recreation of Kida’s warrior mask from the Disney film Atlantis. I wanted the size (just about my full body) and the glowing eyes and mouth, all of which made it a very challenging interesting process. I decided to make the papier mache pulp myself, saving money from buying pre-made pulp.

This was time consuming, but rewarding as I boiled down roll after roll of toilet paper to fill out the large mask shape.

Finally once the mask was sculpted out, I was able to paint, add accessories and create the remaing pieces for my costume, a staff, arm guard and little hula skirts for my calves. Once the mask had fully dried I used hot glue to secure the live wire inside the eyes and mouths in order to recreate the glow effect from the cartoon.

The finished product, an awesome, but HUGE mask that I was proud garnered lots of attention and photo taking at the event on Saturday night. I quickly discovered that while fairly easy to move around in, and any chance of seeing down directly in front of me was gone. This was only ever an issue when trying to go down stairs which meant I was clinging to that banister for dear life as I imagined the one misstep that would send me crashing down into the main foyer below. I had a blast at the masquerade, enjoying the evening with 5 other friends who had also all made thier own costumes, and all who looked fantastic.


Megan and my tiki mask at night with our glowing faces!