I need no cure but the ocean, no remedy but the sea.

My name is Kelli and I currently live in Los Angeles, CA. Born and raised in the sandy desert of Phoenix, AZ I grew up with a passion for the sea which I only saw on summer vacations. I earned my Open Water SCUBA certification on a family trip to Hawaii, and dreamed of getting back under the water while back in the desert for college at the University of Arizona (Tucson). The summer of my junior year I traveled back to Hawaii for an internship with Dolphin Dreams Images (Hawaii Internship Blog). There I earned my Advanced Open Water certification while learning the ins and outs of running an underwater videography business.

I moved to California within months of graduating and after finding a job and getting settled, I made my first California dive on August 17, 2008. From the moment I descended I have been hooked. The temperate reefs and kelp forests out here are so beautiful and much more mysterious than the tropic Hawaiian waters I had dove previously. Since then I progressed through the levels to become a Padi OWSI Instructor, taught for a few years then took a job with Bluewater Photo in 2012 where I have been able to dive and photograph more and more.

When I’m not underwater I often fill my free time with adventures of another sort. Running, cycling, hiking, backpacking are all topside adventures I love, and every now and then you’ll see one of those very memorable adventures make its way into these posts.

Please feel free to view my Dive Log at: http://www.DiveRecord.com?kelnkelp

UW Selfie!