All is quiet in the Midnight Hour.

At the end of February I went out on the Sand Dollar through Eco Dive Center to dive the recent wreck of a fishing boat called the Midnight Hour. The boat sunk about 6 months ago, so the wreck is still fully in tact, and just starting to get a nice layer of growth. It was neat, and a bit eerie to see things like the phone, still hanging on it’s cord in the wheelhouse. After that dive we headed over to George’s “Secret Spot” a pinnacle that was pretty neat. The visibility on that dive was not fabulous, but I did find several nudibranch, including one I had not seen before! I also finally found a Navanax for the first time, these guys look like large slugs, and they eat the nudibranchs! Lastly we hit up Black Rock for an easy shallow dive, but it was a bit surgy, with poor viz. The highlight of the trip was definitely the wreck… I just wish I’d had a wide angle lens!

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