The Big News!

Remember my last post… I mentioned that I was back… no? Really?…oh yeah, that’s because it was a month ago. Like dangling the little toy in front of a kid and pulling it away again. (Since I know so many people are out there just wishing I’d post… right? Right? Anyone… Bueller?) ;o)

Seriously though, its been a crazy month. Why you ask? Well, because after four long, but good years at Run & Gun Production Services I have found a new job!! Even more exciting, its in the scuba industry! Two weeks ago I started working with Scott at Bluewater Photo Store. So far I’m loving it! Its a great change, and will be offering me new challenges and adventures in the future. Apart from helping out with the store, I’m in the process of setting up some cool events, and building upon the foundation that he has set up over the last year. It’s keeping me busy as I learn all about his business and start upon the path to organizing things I’ve never really done before. I like the challenge though and am hoping that I’ll succeed and we’ll create a good strong photographic base in Southern California!

If you want to keep up with all the news and fun things we’ll have going on this year head over to Facebook and “Like” our page:

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