PEACEful Day.

On Saturday I had my first trip with Bluewater Photo. We went out on the Peace dive boat to Anacapa Island, for four fantastic dives. Once again, in what is starting to be a really nice trend, we had summer like weather. It was sunny and warm and the visibility was upwards of 50 feet on average! To top it off I was testing out a new camera, the Olympus E-PM1, the latest in their line of mirrorless cameras. In addition I was using the Panasonic 8mm fisheye lens with Precision dome port. This was my first time getting to actually shoot wide angle, and let me just say… I LOVE this fisheye lens! I was still using a single strobe, and that made it difficult at times; I can definitely see how two strobes are basically necessary for such wide angle shots. Half the time I had a nicely exposed foreground and background, but black in the middle… or only half of my image would be properly exposed leaving the rest very dark. It was hard to work around, but really got me to appreciate the importance of strobe placement! In addition to practicing some lovely reef shots I also practiced with silhouettes and got a great shot of a harbor seal! We dove with sea lions at one of the rookeries, hit up Landing Cove where I found the awesome swim through, stopped at Rat Rock, with a floor covered in brittle stars and lastly dove Channels where a friendly family of harbor seals hangs out. I had a great day mingling with the new group of divers on the Bluewater charter and can’t wait for the next one! Here is hoping this warm weather, calm seas and awesome viz trend sticks around for awhile!!

All is quiet in the Midnight Hour.

At the end of February I went out on the Sand Dollar through Eco Dive Center to dive the recent wreck of a fishing boat called the Midnight Hour. The boat sunk about 6 months ago, so the wreck is still fully in tact, and just starting to get a nice layer of growth. It was neat, and a bit eerie to see things like the phone, still hanging on it’s cord in the wheelhouse. After that dive we headed over to George’s “Secret Spot” a pinnacle that was pretty neat. The visibility on that dive was not fabulous, but I did find several nudibranch, including one I had not seen before! I also finally found a Navanax for the first time, these guys look like large slugs, and they eat the nudibranchs! Lastly we hit up Black Rock for an easy shallow dive, but it was a bit surgy, with poor viz. The highlight of the trip was definitely the wreck… I just wish I’d had a wide angle lens!

Back to the Rigs.

At the beginning of February I went back out to dive the rigs on the Sundiver Express through LA Dive and Ride. The trip was a blast and we encountered midsummer-like calm weather. The ocean was flat as a pancake, the sun was shining and the water was very clear! To top off the great day of diving, we were visited by a school of young Mola Mola on the first dive. I counted up to 10 at one point, and while somewhat skitterish, they hung around just off the rigs for the entire dive. One the second dive, the sea lions were as curious as ever, cruising down to the divers and zooming around as we waited during our safety stop. All in all, a great day of diving!

The Big News!

Remember my last post… I mentioned that I was back… no? Really?…oh yeah, that’s because it was a month ago. Like dangling the little toy in front of a kid and pulling it away again. (Since I know so many people are out there just wishing I’d post… right? Right? Anyone… Bueller?) ;o)

Seriously though, its been a crazy month. Why you ask? Well, because after four long, but good years at Run & Gun Production Services I have found a new job!! Even more exciting, its in the scuba industry! Two weeks ago I started working with Scott at Bluewater Photo Store. So far I’m loving it! Its a great change, and will be offering me new challenges and adventures in the future. Apart from helping out with the store, I’m in the process of setting up some cool events, and building upon the foundation that he has set up over the last year. It’s keeping me busy as I learn all about his business and start upon the path to organizing things I’ve never really done before. I like the challenge though and am hoping that I’ll succeed and we’ll create a good strong photographic base in Southern California!

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