I’m back, Baby!!

Its been a long winter… I’ve been busy at work, busy traveling, busy going home for the holiday and so many other excuses as to why my last post was October 10th! Three long months of silence on the airwaves is unacceptable! But here I am, putting words to screen and making a goal to be more determined to keep posting as I keep diving. Its my new New Year’s Resolution since my original one was accomplished already, and unexpectedly (but more on that in a couple of weeks).

It’s not that I did not dive at all over the past three months, on the contrary, I went to Florida for a week, and among other adventures had two very surge filled and not so great dives, then later I rescued a sea turtle (again… more later!) I’ve been teaching, and had an awesome class a few weeks ago. So while I haven’t been in the water with my camera much this winter sadly, I’ve been enjoying our unseasonably warm and calm weather this year. Starting next month I’ll be diving more, and really focusing on my photography, the fruits of which I’ll be sharing up here, along with my diving adventures!

For now though, I was given a Nikon D300 to practice my photography, with the assignment of shooting birds, as they are a topside animal that can help with my underwater photography, working on capturing them in the air, just like a swimming fish, and they are skitterish, so approaching can be difficult. Not to mention the main reason… it gives me a goal to just get out and shoot and shoot…to work on composition, exposure and all over photography skills.

Last weekend I went out to the Malibu lagoon, but unfortunately I got out a little late so missed the beautiful “golden hour” on the water (not really an hour… only a few minutes usually!) However, I really enjoyed just being out “hunting” birds. I came away with a few photographs I like, and more importantly I realized just how peaceful it is to head away from the hustle of the city and sit in the sand watching the pelicans for a few hours. In addition I got to see some bird behavior I’d never seen before… like the pelicans stretching as they settle in for the night, crazy!

So, a belated Happy New Year, and hope everyone’s year has been going well and that you are all out going diving!! The water has been great, the visibility clear and the weather warm! Keep an eye out, next weekend (Feb 5th) I’m hitting the oil rigs again… it’s been too long! I’m hoping the great visibility we’ve been seeing at the islands sticks around and I can have a couple of great dives, and more chance to practice photographing the rigs.