Fishy Faces.

The next two photos to share, from now two weeks ago are two closer shots of fish. While neither are award winners, i like to think they both portray a little of the fishes character. The first, a kelp rockfish, perches knowingly upon a rock surveying all around him. He eyes me warily, but holds his ground. Whether it’s nerves of steel or that he’s just to lazy to swim off he allows me to get close and snap a few shots. The blurred background helps him stand out, though I do with the image was a bit sharper. Next time, faster shutter speed.

After him, we have a juvenile Rockfish. Scott pointed this little guy out to me and at first I wasn’t sure what he was because of how distinct the stripes and coloring were and primarily due to the lack of the typical cherry red lips. He was hoovering above a sea urchin, and I tried to shoot up from below the urchin, but I couldn’t get an angle I really liked, so I opted for a more standard fish ID shot making sure to keep the whole fish in the frame and a little bit of leading room in front of him. I was rather impressed at how unafraid he seemed, especially for such a little fish. He hoovered around the urchin, slowly turning ’round and ’round and keeping an eye on me as much as possible. He finally skittered off, but not before I was able to get one decent shot right as he turned my way.

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