Seen from Below.

At the end of the dive, Scott had us work on silhouettes. While he hoovered in around 5 feet of water, the four of us dropped back down and worked to capture an image with the sun directly behind him, remembering to adjust our settings to find the proper exposure so that the suns rays cascading through the water would be surrounding Scott, shadowing him to be dark against the light water.

I was amazed at how difficult this was… I’m sure I took at least 20 pictures and in all but one, I was barely off, with the sun exposed to the side, or completely showing. Sometimes I amputated a fin or arm from Scott. It seemed that every time I had the shot lined up, myself or Scott would move in the few seconds before I could depress the shutter, and I’d miss it. I also discovered that the EPL1 limits me to a shutter speed of 1/160. I don’t know if that’s just with the kit 14-42mm lens or the camera in general. I had to close down all the way to F22 in order to get a decent exposure, and I feel like I could have made it even better if I could have made the shutter speed just a little bit faster… oh well, that’s what Photoshop is for, right?

Here’s the shot, enjoy!

EPL1, Focal Length 14mm, F22 1/160

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