Sunken Treasure.

Last weekend was the annual Scuba Show down in Long Beach. Like last year my time was spent meeting people, exploring new gear options, drooling over camera equipment I can’t afford and entering trip raffle after trip raffle…none of which I won (again). This year I also tried to pass along some business cards that I had recently had made, in an effort to showcase my little blog project and maybe gain a few more readers.

I enjoyed walking around the Scuba show, its much of the same as years past…tons of travel booths…(seriously, if you plan to do a drive trip, this would be the best spot to try and book, SO many discount options were offered from a variety of groups for travel across the globe). I spent some time hanging out with my friends from Eco Dive Center who had a booth this year and were offering class and gear discounts. I even ran into the Scuba Shack folks from Maui… the shop where I earned my Open Water certification back in 2003!

I picked up a couple items that were planned, like a new set of wetsuit heaters, after one of mine popped a few months ago, and a second handle for my camera tray. In addition, there were the spur of the moment impulse purchases both of which I think are great. The first, is a very small but awesome accessory for my camera gear. On the Inon strobe I own there is a small knob to turn to set the aperature for the strobe’s TTL to fire at the proper power setting. This knob is fine and easy to turn, until you toss on gloves and head down underwater. While over at the Backscatter booth, I picked up the same strobe and flipped it over to see this large, easy to grasp red knob on the back. “Genius! This knob would make it easy to adjust the strobe setting, I must have it!” Went through my head, so of course, I bought one. Its going to be great, I can’t wait to get back under the water just so I can adjust my strobe!

Earlier I had happened by the Miss Scuba Booth as they always have fun jewelry and I do enjoy shiny things. Unfortunately this time one really caught my eye, so after debating the purchase while I toured the rest of the show I returned and picked up a really beautiful little necklace of Egyptian turqoise with a mermaid pendant. I love it.

So thanks again for putting on a fun show, and looking forward to next year!

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