Off we go.


I’m finally getting my act together, and just in the nick of time. Facebook friends of mine will know that I recently acquired a nifty little dive logbook stamp so that I can stamp my students and other dive buddies log books after diving…its got all the important info on it!

Then just yesterday, my new business cards came in the mail. If I really want to make a go with this blog and work more with my photography, I figured having cards is a great way to start, so I can pass of the info to people I meet, and they’ll have my blog/website address nice and handy. In addition, they’re great to give to my students, so that they will have my info and also will hopefully visit my blog!

Now that I’m all set and official, its off to the Scuba Show in Long Beach to see what’s new, talk to a variety of different diving folks, and perhaps pick up a few accessories for my camera. No, I’m not allowed to buy a new strobe today. Hope to see people there!!



Ps. I hope everything come out properly, it my first time uploading via wordpress on my mobile as we drive down to the show!!

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