Yesterday I went diving, it was a beautiful sunny day, nice and warm as well. I am usually pretty good about remembering to apply sunscreen, as I’ve had sun/skin problems in the past and I don’t want them to come back, so avoiding sunburns and excess exposure is very important to me. However, sometimes things slip by. For example… when the warm sun allows you to unzip your chest zip wetsuit and pull the constricting hood/neck portion off. This leaves a thin piece of neoprene around your neck and over your back and shoulders. However, did you know that it doesn’t quite cover all the way down to where the hood is flopped over your back? Its true. Which means, that you’re going to end up with this:

Two lovely little triangles where my skin was not covered by my vest or my wetsuit. Oops.

PS. More on our wonderful day of Farsnworth hopefully later… need to finish up going through pictures and clean the apartment before I sit down and delve into it or I won’t get any chores done today!

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