It Came Back.

You all remember about two months ago, when I posted the sad sad loss of my old Aqualung mask, after a fateful attempt at beach diving on a day that we should have just gone and gotten a tea. Well, against all odds (or maybe not since Vet’s is a popular site frequented by many divers) it came back.

I just so happened to be relaxed at a friends house watching an episode of Dexter when I randomly checked my email and saw a friend had posted on my wall asking about my missing mask. The post went something like… Hey, did you lose a mask, because we found one tonight at Vets, aqualung with the initial KED on the side…blue eco strap…and so forth. Immediately I shouted for joy, (no joke…ask someone who was there…) and replied that it sounded like it was indeed mine!

So, long story short… I got my mask back. We were reunited last week at an Eco meeting, and all is now right in the world. Of course, I’ve already purchased a new mask… and honestly the Mares Liquid Skin mask fits nicely, and the silicone skirt is so light and soft it feels like there is hardly anything on my face. I won’t be returning the old faithful Aqualung to service; it now will sit deservedly on my shelf, a reminder of the good ‘ol days (along with my old BCD, computer and reg).

Why did I care so much about this mask? Well simply because it was a gift. My Uncle Doug really helped me with my goal of getting more diving under my belt back in 2006 when I was accepted into an internship with Dolphin Dreams Images in Hawaii. He purchased the above mentioned BCD, gave me his regulators and computer for the trip, bought me fins, booties and a snorkel and gifted me that old mask of his. It always fit great, and while not necessarily the most stylish, got the job done. Since suffering a hip injury which kept him out of the water, and because I had been diving more and more out here in California he let me keep the regs. I’ve now retired the BCD, replaced the computer and the regulator, and fins, leaving just the mask, his old gauges and octo as a reminder of his contribution to my diving lifestyle. Soon I will replace the gauges and one day the octopus, but I’ll now always have the mask as a little reminder of him. Perhaps one day his hip will be better and he’ll join me in the kelp forest. :o)

So thanks to the anonymous diver who recovered and left my mask hanging at the showers, thanks to Amanda for recognizing the Eco strap and picking it up!

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