Video: Diving the HMCS Yukon

Two weekends ago I traveled south to San Diego to dive the HMCS Yukon with Eco Dive Center aboard the dive vessel Marissa. An easy 20 minute motor from the Mission Bay harbor, the Yukon lies in 75-100 feet of water. Due to accidentally sinking the night before the planned grand send off the Yukon lies on her port side making that first dive a bit disorienting. Once used to her layout however I was able to begin to really marvel at her majesty and truly explore along her structure. At around 350 feet long the Yukon is impossible to fully explore in just four dives, even just out her exterior! We started on day one by descending down the forward guns, on the second day we descended onto the signal mast. The ship itself has just about become a living entity, it is just about 100% covered with life including small corals, anemones and large cauliflower looking Metridians. Large schools of fish swam around the wreck, primarily Blacksmiths, along with Sheephead, Garibaldi and Senorita Wrasse just to name a few. Sea lions constantly played in the surrounding kelp, often diving down to check out the strange addition to their world and the divers exploring it.

This was my first dive with my new Olympus EPL1, and as I have no strobes yet the video is a bit grainy due to the lack of light so far down. Over all I was pleased with the outcome, as I was really pushing the camera to its limits and it still performed well. Enjoy the video! I hope to have a more detailed write up later, along with some images, but I’m still working on that!

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