Mystery Solved.

I’m sure its been bugging all my, what 2? 3? constant readers just like its been bothering me. In August, on our fantastic Oil Rig dive my group of divers happened upon a mysterious and see thru creature I had never seen before.

I attempted the usual google searches, but not really knowing how to classify, or even describe the creature in ways that a search engine would be able to key into the specific animal, I didn’t find the answer. Friends on Facebook did not know, and I gave up, and let it slip from my mind.

Then just the other day while perusing through some images for the website I’m slowly working on, I came across it again and a new idea struck.! They must have a creature ID forum, if not perhaps posting in the main forum would illicit an answer. Lo and Behold, they do have a whole sub-forum just for helping people identify those mysterious and beautiful creatures that often float by us on our underwater adventures. This one, happens to be a snail. Yep…a pelagic snail, most likely Carinaria japonica.

More information:

So many thanks to the folks over on scubaboard, mystery solved, and now I know where to go for any help with my creature ID questions!

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