Time to go go go.

Its here… finally. My PADI Instructor Exam weekend. While I’ve been feeling like this weekend has been a long time coming, suddenly today it seems as though it snuck right up on me. In a couple of hours Shane and I will pile as much Scuba related gear, books, accessories and anything else we feel may just come in handy into Shane’s car and hit the road for Monterey.

I feel ready and I am ready, or at least I keep telling myself that. Everyone that has been helping us and supporting us through the IDC classes says we’re going to be fine, we just need to take our time and relax. I know I’ve got the theory in my head, my biggest fear on the written exams is making mistakes like filling in the wrong bubble. With the knowledge presentation I worry only about getting a topic I’m not too familiar with, or have little experience in, such as securing a lift bag for the Search and Recovery dive in the Adventures in Diving program. Its a possibility, and I know the basics, but I’ve never actually worked with a lift bag in my Scuba career yet… I don’t even own a lift bag. Luckily though, Shane and I are associated with an awesome shop and I’m able to borrow one for the test, just in case. I feel confident in my confined water skills and just have to remember to use the assistant, and really think through my organization so that the students stay in order and I don’t lose points for not keeping everyone together. Finally there is the open water portion. This is a big one for me, as I’ve been promised some new gear if I pass with flying colors (aka: a 5… a perfect score). I feel confident in my ocean skills, I just really need to focus on the briefing and debriefing to make sure I don’t miss any important steps. Lastly, we’re going to be in the ocean in Monterey. where the average water temperature is 53 degrees! Give or take 5 degrees for fluctuation and however you look at it, thats still cold! I have an extra vest and will be hoping that the waves are small, the water is on the warm side of that 53 degrees and we have some resemblance of decent visibility!

So it all comes down to this weekend, 2 days of testing, 5 sections to pass to become certified as a professional scuba diving instructor from PADI. Cross your fingers, hold your breath (I sure won’t be, at least not underwater) and say a prayer as I hit the road to destiny. (ha that was lame…it is only a test after all!) 🙂

3 thoughts on “Time to go go go.

  1. You don’t know how to use a lift bag?!!? What are you going to do?! OH NO!!!!!! Ha… I’m kidding.
    The exam will be SOOO much easier than you expect and you’ll even see some people pass who you think probably shouldn’t. Be smart, be safe and kick some PADI butt. See you in a few days, when you’re an OWSI. :o)

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