North @ Vets.

Friday night Jessica, Bryan and I ventured back out to Veterans Park to squeeze in two quick dives that would bring my total dive count to 98. We did this because we were diving the oil rigs off of Long Beach the following morning and I desperately wanted to make the oil rig dives fall on my 100 dive. 100 is a pretty big milestone in the dive world and I was extremely excited to be hitting it.

Everytime I dive Vet’s I have gone south. Its a west facing beach, so we swim west to the depth we want, then turn south in the canyon and swim down until either our air or time limit is up and we turn around to swim back to the entry. Vets is all sandy bottom, so its not the most exciting dive, but in the evening or at night there are a plethora of creatures that come out. Typically you see octopus, crab, small fish like scoropionfish, sarcastic fringehead, cusk eels, lots of sand dollars, and sea stars. Friday however, we decided to explore north for something different. There is supposed to be a large grassy area, known as the “Salad Bowl” just north of the stairs that you use to get to the beach. We were told that you can find more life in this area than you usually see heading north, and that often there are nudibranch hiding out in the grass.

Either, we didn’t swim far enough or it just wasn’t a good day for nudi hunting. The grassy area was fairly sparse, and while there were a bunch of little octopus swimming around that was about it. I saw a nice scorpionfish and was able to get a great shot of him resting in the sand, but otherwise it was a rather boring and cold couple of dives. However these two dives weren’t really for quality, they were for quantity, and by completing them I was able to align the oil rigs and my 100th dive!

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