Well hot damn, PADI sure was quick. I think I only posted yesterday (after Eco processed my application on Tuesday) that I was now an official PADI Divemaster. Then today, lo and behold in my mailbox there it was. My official DM card! All black and sexy, reminding everyone that I’m truely a professional diver. I love the sound of that! Professional! Awesome. Just thought I’d share. Now off to go show it to all my triathlon friends at the bar tonight. Ha!

5 thoughts on “DIVEMASTER!

  1. Congratulations!

    My friend and I just finished the AOWD and we’re thinking about going for the divemaster certification.

    I think I could learn much more beign a divemaster then beign a master scuba diver.

    What do you think?

  2. Thanks so much!
    I think either is a great way to go, if you want to work professionally with scuba, definitely do DM. You definitely will learn a ton, Divemaster classes is where they really nail down all the theory aspects of diving. However, it also gives you a lot more responsibility, in that you now have a “duty of care” towards other divers, even if you are just fun diving and not working. Honestly, if scuba is purely a hobby, I would say to make Master Scuba Diver your goal and spend the extra money and time actually out there diving. You can always pick up the extra knowledge through talking with dive professionals and reading, etc. Also, if you get through MSD, and later decide you want to go further you totally can, but I would say to definitely put in the thought about if you want to ‘go pro’ or not! Best of luck, and keep diving!

  3. Thanks for the advices.

    What can I say to you? I am not shure about going pro or not. But I am shure about how deep is the love about diving. 🙂

    Something that sounds good to me is that I can have all the training (lots of people said to me that it is great) and in the beginning have it as a ‘paid hobby’ and let things go naturally somewhere.

    About the responsability that a DM acquire, I already feel it. I always keep near my buddies as an option if something goes wrong.

    The checouts I took for AOWD had problems, all of them. My instructor was a little upset about that, but I really loved it. I loved seeing that when the troubles arrived I could (following the procedures they teach) to solve them with serenity.

    Seeing people like you, so fullfilled of joy about beign a DM makes me more and more interested about it.

    I just signed on my PADI dive center for a Rescue Diver course.

    Go Dive! 🙂

    • Best of luck with your Rescue class, it was one of the most fun I have had during dive training. (Not something you would necessarily think because it is a very serious subject, but its a very active class which usually leads to good times). I’m sure you’ll be happy with whichever route you choose to go, and best of luck on your path!

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