Busy Bee…

I’ve been quiet for a couple weeks I know! Its been hard not being able to catch everyone up on my latest diving adventures, because I HAVE been diving. I’ve been working, diving, studying, starting the IDC, working on a project, trying to sneak in some exercise, and when I have the time catching a few zzzz’s. Needless to say, there hasn’t been anytime amidst my crazy schedule at the moment to sit down and detail my underwater follies or go through my many gigs of video from our Catalina Adventure in June. However, I don’t want to leave you all hanging, checking my little blog my few constant readers, and sighing as the same old post from the beginning of the month fills your screen. So, while I have a few quick seconds here at work I’ll throw some good old picture your way. These images are some of my favorites from a 5 week long internship I participated in back in 2006 on the Big Island, Hawaii. During this internship I earned my Advanced Open Water and got an inside look at how a small scuba related business is run. Martina and James Wing work out of Kona, filming and photographing underwater adventures such as the nighttime Manta Ray dives and the morning Dolphin Ohana snorkels and sell them to the days participants. They also are both instructors, offering lessons and guided dives. In addition to advancing my scuba experience I had numerous changes to practice both video and photography underwater, and over the course of five weeks came away with some great shots, despite only having a small point and shoot camera. I hope you enjoy, and after this weekend my schedule should lighten, as the main project that has been eating my time and keeping up to the wee hours of the morning will be finished.

If you’re interested in a bit more reading, I chronicled my internship here: Hawaiian Internship

I have many other great pictures from my internship, if you’re interested in checking them out, go here: Hawaii Internship Pics

Enjoy, and hopefully soon I’ll be catching you up on all my current California adventures!


Well hot damn, PADI sure was quick. I think I only posted yesterday (after Eco processed my application on Tuesday) that I was now an official PADI Divemaster. Then today, lo and behold in my mailbox there it was. My official DM card! All black and sexy, reminding everyone that I’m truely a professional diver. I love the sound of that! Professional! Awesome. Just thought I’d share. Now off to go show it to all my triathlon friends at the bar tonight. Ha!