What its all about….

I realize I’ve been quiet for a while with no new posts in the last week or so. Mostly it was because I was out of town on a little trip home to watch my brother graduate from high school followed by a quick jaunt to New York City with my Mom and Sister. It was my first time in the Big Apple and it did not disappoint. (More on that later). I finally got around to finishing my open water portion of interning with a dive where I briefed and lead certified divers. It was a bit nerve wrecking at times (it was a night dive) but mostly I felt comfortable. (again, I’ll go into detail in a full post soon, I promise).

I just wanted to get a quick blurb out there to make sure my 3 readers (who have dutifully been checking even while I was out of town…or maybe its just 1 reader checking 3 times each day) 🙂 that I have not let this little project slide. Each month Eco Dive holds a club meeting, bringing in folks from around Southern California who relate to diving, or ocean health, or something us divers might be interested in. I try to write a little recap here after each meeting, but sadly I was out of town (on an airplane actually) for this months dive club. I was bummed too because it was a gentleman from the California Science Center and the house was packed. So packed in fact that we made the news:


I just wanted to pass along that article since I have no write up for the meeting I missed. Enjoy, and I promise to catch up on my adventures shortly.

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