Living the high life.

Last Wednesday marked the large fundraiser dinner for the Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber known as Chamber Eve. Held at the Aquarium of the Pacific, the dive community comes together each year for a nice dinner, private access to the aquarium after hours, fantastic raffle and in general to support the hyperbaric chamber.

I barely made the Eco limo, but arrived in the nick of time to madly change in the bathroom and sprint to catch up with everyone heading to the cars. We rolled into the event in style and had a blast in the limo. Touring the aquarium was fantastic, and what I really enjoyed was the lack of rowdy kids running around from tank to tank, there should be adult nights at the aquarium where kids are not allowed!

Dinner was simple and good, I didn’t win any of the awesome raffle prizes, but I’m sure those who did were stoked. This year the event (including the Chamber Day diving activities) raised $117,000.00 for the chamber, almost half of its yearly operating budget.

After the festivities we went over to Mai Tai’s for the after party, another drink and some delicious street tacos really capped the evening nicely.

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