Finals: Passed!

Last Tuesday and Wednesday (April 13 & 14th) we had our final two class sessions for the Divemaster Course. Tuesday class consisted of Physics, probably the hardest subject for me to wrap my mind around because it is so math based. Having not really pursued any math involved activities since my last math class freshman year of college, my skills are a bit rusty. Luckily most of the physics laws in relation to diving really boil down to fairly simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. I was struggling a bit with the theories and laws going into class, but after having problems to solve, and Beth walking us through some of the steps it all started to click. That evening we took the Physics test, and I was amazed. I had to guess on one problem (which I guessed wrong) and for some silly reason I filled in a different bubble than what I knew the answer to be on another question thus getting it wrong. Other than that though I got every question right, including all the equation solving questions. I felt really good leaving the shop Tuesday.

Now that all the class sessions were over all that remained were the second round of tests. While it is not necessarily required, the way Eco was running the class was to have us take each subject’s test A after that subject was discussed during class. Then at the end of all the classes we would have 1 evening where we took all 8 tests (the B versions) in one night like a big final exam. Well now we were here, we’d had a month of twice a week classes, each lasting several hours into the night and it all boiled down to Wednesday. As luck typically goes, it also ended up being a crazy busy day at work leaving me rushing home from the valley after 6pm hoping to make it to the shop on time. This meant no last minute review prior to all the test taking. I’d either know it, or I wouldn’t.

So we sat down, chatted for a bit, then got to work. I finished a little over 2 hours later, worried that I had to make educated guesses more than I had hoped, stressed that I bombed the Physiology test (everything seemed different than what we had learned!) but feeling good about most of the others. After everyone had finished the test taking we swapped and began grading. Peeking over at my neighbor grading my test I was pleased to see that I was doing well. All the tests consist of 20 questions, and you have  to earn a C or better in order to pass, therefore you can’t miss more than 5 (75%). After I got the test back and looked over everything I found that the most I missed on any test was 3! While there were a few silly errors that could have earned me a few points but the meat of the information seems to be secured somewhere in my head. Funny enough also, I did the best on the Physiology test, only missing 1! So much for gut feelings.

Now all that is left to tuck this certification under my belt is 3 more confined water intern days and 1 open water intern day (leading certified divers). I’m planning to get in the pool Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon, knocking 2 out, then finishing up the certification the second weekend in May. (weekend 1 is planned for a big fun “Mental Health” dive trip with a bunch of the folks in my DM class and several Eco Instructors out at San Clemente Island).

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