Falling into my First Interning Day.

I had my first interning experience on Saturday. Here’s how it went:

– Woke up gloomy after an argument with my boss and stressful week. Almost went back to bed and said screw it to the $47 I spent on the boat ticket (half off for my birthday from a friend at ECO). At this point I thought I was just diving, last recreational boat dive for awhile so I figured I’d go.

– Got to the boat, found out I would be interning, felt unprepared but oh well.

– Helped with waivers – discovered this can get a bit hectic with people coming all at once, then the boat people not giving you the main rooster sheet and their waiver until after half the people had already filled out the ECO Dive waiver which means you have to get those people to come back all while making sure everyone is accounted for and all have signed each waiver.

– Got seasick. Second time in my life, puking over the back of the boat is always awesome, but I felt much better afterwards. Once in the water I was golden.

– Had a bit of chaos with the first dive…we were helping with an Advanced class and it was my first time ever diving with Laura (the instructor) so communication was rough. One girl was underweighted and while the other DMC Shane was helping her to get down the gentleman I was trying to get to come closer to the group had a small panic attack and started to ascend. Luckily he was somewhat in control (despite the large frog like swimming) and all ended well.

– On the second dive I successfully led the two divers I was with on their Fish ID dive until the end. We surfaced at :23 minutes, three minutes past the time limit Laura set on the dive, problem was I miscalculated my location and we surfaced much farther from the boat than I thought we were and just inside a high traffic area. Unsure what to do I tried to get the two to swim back with me as quickly as possible, but it was slow going which meant we got behind schedule and there was not enough time for the last dive Laura wanted to get in.

– Over all the day was not bad, but I felt pretty crappy about it. She graded me a 4 (out of 5) overall so I must have done something right. I was able to talk with her on the phone later that night and got my questions answered for the situations I felt I performed poorly and for where I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. After that I felt much better.

It was definitely a learning experience and I felt I learned alot. Its incredible how quickly a plan can change with a larger group of divers once you get under the water. Flexibility is key, and is probably the most important thing I took away from the day. Be ready for anything, and just go with it. Well..that and pay better attention to your compass and don’t surface in a high traffic area, thats bad.

Dive #1 – Blue Caverns

Dive #2 – Ship Rock

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