Hazards and Dave’s Cove

After successfully finishing our Rescue Diver Course on the boat on Sunday we still had time to fit in TWO recreational dives. Immediately I was thrilled and bummed. Thrilled because it meant I would be reaching DIVE #50 and bummed because not planning on diving I left my camera housing and strobe at home so it would not be a temptation during rescue training. Of course, Murphy’s law would also have it that we ended up with good visibility and two awesome dive sites.

Dive #1: Hazards, was FULL of life. There was color everywhere you looked across the varied terrain. The site its self was interesting, made up of various terrain like large boulders, and one huge overhang that was great to explore. The seabed was just littered with sea stars ranging in size from huge 2 ft diameter knobby stars, and all the way down to tiny little white sea stars the size of a dime. There were also more Spanish Shawl nudibranch hanging on these rocks that I have ever seen anywhere. The site was alive with color but surprising seemed devoid of fish. I learned quickly that the fish were there…they were just extremely sneaky. They all seemed to be clinging to rocks and hiding in crevices to avoid detection and often I wouldn’t see one until I was just about on top of it! Since we started after our rescue training I didn’t have a full tank and ended up running a bit low on air, a big no-no in the dive world. But with my buddy right next to me and aware of the situation I took the risk and completed our full safety stop.

Dive Log

Dave’s Cove: This dive was another great one. More great life and interesting features. The shore here is just a cliff that plunges into the ocean only about 15ft before the sea floor, but there were lots of overhangs and almost tubes that you could swim through…or attempt to. I managed to get stuck in one and had to back out. Granted by stuck I mean that the space was too small and I bumped the edges to much to try actually getting through. The whole swim through was probably all of 3 feet long so I never really was worried or felt like I was in danger. Again, no camera, but we swam around and had a nice relaxing dive.

Dive Log

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