Wow, this weekend was AMAZING. To quickly recap: we finished the Rescue Diver Course with beach and pool on Saturday and were out on a boat at Santa Cruz Island on Sunday. We were so organized that we had enough time to also get two “fun” dives in after finishing on Sunday. On the way back from the trip we saw humpback whales, and then I dropped my cell phone into the harbor. I’ve been trying to finish up my required reading for the Dive Master course which I have to have done by TOMORROW night…eek. So, I don’t have time for an actual post on the weekend’s activities and the awesomeness (yes real word) of the Rescue Dive Course, but it will come. In case anyone checks this looking for such a review, here’s a video from Ron (the owner of ECO dive) about the Night at the Santa Monica Aquarium from a few weeks ago. Enjoy!

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