I breathe easiest underwater.

The title for my first ever post on this blog adventure is from a friend’s Facebook page. I love it and agree with it wholeheartedly.

I suppose before I jump right in with dive reviews and training adventures you “soon to be readers” would like a little history. My name is Kelli and I’m an avid SCUBA diver living in Los Angeles. I’ve been certified since 2003 and dove sporadically on Hawaii vacations for the first couple of years before moving from the desert to the ocean and being able to dive more regularly. I love diving in California. While the colors on the reefs and in the kelp forests are not as vivid and varied as the tropical reefs there is still beauty to be found.

I spent 2009 training for an Ironman race (Arizona, finished in 14:41:07 of which I’m very proud) and it took up all my time and energy which meant no diving for the majority of the year. I’ve decided to make up for that in 2010 and have gone overboard by finally giving into my desire to “Go Pro.” I have three certifications to get through, and with the help of my local dive shop (ECO DIVE CENTER – check them out, they’re the best!) I will be moving through these last three certifications throughout the summer.

I am also extending my base of knowledge by learning how to create a website through a CMS called Joomla. Eventually the site will house this blog, a portfolio of my underwater photography, videos, dive site reviews and more.

So welcome aboard to anyone who might stumble to this blog, and I hope you enjoy what you read.

One thought on “I breathe easiest underwater.

  1. LOVE the tag line…”I breath easier under water” very catchy! You are so amazing. My pride continues to grow as I read your blog. I am going to have to live vicariously through you since I don’t like to be under water. It is fun to chase your dreams! You go get em girlfriend!
    I’ll be reading! Love you bunches!

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